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Do you want a more sustainable business? Good, you are not alone.

58% of Danish SME's agree that CO2 targets are important 

Do you need help in getting the ball rolling? Don't worry, you are not alone.

25% lack knowledge on sustainability to start their transformation 

Source: SMV Denmark, climate analysis 2020


We use innovation to ensure sustainable businesses.

We have three main rules we always follow

Investment Back Guarantee

We profoundly believe that an investment in sustainability should always be money well spent. So, if our services do not live up to your expectations, you should not pay. Easy.


We believe in simplicity, because complex is expensive. We think simplicity in everything we do. This makes us cost competitive and extremely easy to work with.


Changes require progress. If we do not progress, we cannot improve. That is why a cornerstone in SustainX is constant progress when we execute your projects.

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Sustainability Management

from 42.000- DKK / month

You can get a dedicated SustainX sustainability manager to drive your sustainability projects, manage your project portfolio or coordinate your sustainability activities. A Sustainability Manager from SustainX can work independently or as part of a team.  

Innovation Management

from 45.000,- DKK

If you know that you need to act on your innovative capacity, but have troubles
getting the ball rolling we can assist you. Let's Kick-Start your innovation and increase your business potential. We will facilitate all needed activities to give you a strategic direction, a road-map and the needed business tools to reach your innovation goals.  

Technology Scouting

from 25.000,- DKK

Together with our business partners we provide world-class technology scouting services for your innovation projects. So, if you need to increase your knowledge related to a specific technology or area of business we can support you.  

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"Being a part of the renewable business we see a high need to support our customers in the best way ensuring long term optimisation and sustainable development. We have therefore now developed LaunchPad together with SustainX. LaunchPad is a structured and long term development program targeting to make innovation, thinking different, bringing in new technology etc. All areas which we need to accelerate to support the journey of our customers as well as to live up to our own motto in Baettr “Engineering the Foundation for Future Generations”

Peter Pallishøj, CEO Baettr

Baettr approached SustainX with an ambition of creating an industry alliance with focus on innovation and sustainability. Together we have created the Momentum Network for suppliers to the wind turbine OEM's.

For us it only made sense to connect the most ambitious companies in the wind industry. By doing so we’ll be able to share knowledge and experience, meaning that each supplier doesn't have to drive all effort and cost individually, but can do so as part of a network.


Read more if your company wants to join the movement

We believe that on our own we can be an inspiration, but together we can be the transition





In 2020, Vestas has revealed its sustainability strategy. With this disclosure, Vestas has introduced a new demand for CO2 reduction in the entire supply chain, which will required actions at each supplier. 

Read the newest information from Vestas by following the link.



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